Bloat & Gastric Dilation Volvulus

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), also called twisted tummy or gastric torsion, is a condition where the tummy becomes overstretched and rotated by unnecessary gas content. The term bloat is often used as an over-all term to signify gas distension without abdomen torsion (a standard change after eating), or even to make reference to GDV.
GDV is a life-threatening condition in pups that requires quick treatment. It’s quite common using dog breeds; deep-chested breeds are specially in danger. Mortality rates in canines range between 10 to 60 percent, despite having treatment. With surgery, the mortality rate is 15 to 33 percent.

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Our parents and grandparents and their parents and grandparents before them fed their dogs what was left from the table or from cooking around the fire. There were no commercial dog foods. Think back. There was also not the rampant chronic disease that is all too common today in our beloved companions, in the form of allergies, diabetes, hypothyroidism and a host of other disorders. The spike in long-term chronic disease in our cats and dogs can be traced back to the advent of commercial, processed food and the push for a myriad of annual vaccines. This article looks at these issues from the nutrition standpoint.

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